Renovar les polítiques de promoció econòmica

Si us interessa en el darrer número (59) de la revista If... que publica Infonomia hi ha aquest article sobre la renovació de les polítiques públiques de pomoció econòmica.


Anónimo ha dicho que…
Muy interesantes, como siempre, tus puntos de vista, Xavier ...
Paulo Alves ha dicho que…
Dear Xavier,

I just read your article in If magazine about reinventing local promotion policies, and I fully agree with you.

Once I'm starting to manage a business incubation centre, I'm looking for best practices concerning innovative approaches in local promotion that are based on talent attraction and entrepreneurship promotion.

I'm also particularly interested in the involvement of local companies as key players in fostering local entrepreneurship and generating a more innovative environment.

Do you know any best practices that could be benchmarked in what concerns the issues I mentioned?

Looking forward to hear from you, and congratulations for your interesting article.

xmarcet ha dicho que…
Thanks for your comments. I’m also pushing one center about entrepreneurship and another about open innovation in Spain. It will interesting to share our experiences. Now, I’m in States searching best practices in this sense, if I found something relevant, I’ll write you. Best, Xavier